Teaching Philosophy

Learning to swim should be a part of every child’s education…….

We are confronted with the water every day; in backyard pools, lakes, rivers, at the beach, off the boat.  Water is all around us.  Being able to swim allows us to take part in the fun safely.  The swimming  skills your children acquire today, will  give them the ability and confidence to enjoy the water for a life time.

Each child has individual needs…….

The skills taught in each level of progression are carefully standardized.  The needs of each child, however, are very non-standard.  Consequently, we design our classes to help the individual.  A maximum of six students per class permits the personal attention that is needed, while providing the fun and encouragement of being with others.

Learning should be approached simply…….

We feel that swimming  strokes are most easily learned when broken down into smaller parts.  Careful attention is given along the way, so that problems may be detected and corrected before they become habit.  As your child builds skill upon skill, a competent swimmer emerges.

Intensive practice is important…….

What seems difficult the first time, may be done with ease the 31st time.  Practice is very important, especially when combined with feedback and encouragement.  Our standard program is scheduled to promote continuous progress.  Ten, one hour classes  are held Monday thru Friday over a two week period.

This May marks the beginning of our 45th season…….

Over the past 44 years, The School of Swimming has had the privilege of teaching well over 70,000 young people how to swim.  It is our hope that each of our students learns how to swim with competence and confidence.  We want children to own both a love and respect for the water.  To accomplish this end, our instructors work at bringing the best effort out of each of their students using enthusiasm, patience and encouragement.