Determine Level

Your child will be working on these skills at each given level.



Swim a minimum of two body lengths, with face under water, no flotation device.

Independently float on back


Stage II

Swim a well formed crawl stroke, with long straight arms and steady flutter kick, minus breathing.

Independently kick on back.

Roll from front to back and back to front


Beginner Breather

Swim one width of pool (30ft) in a crawl stroke with breathing.

Swim one width of pool (30ft) backstroke


Breather II

Swim 25 yards crawl stroke with well coordinated stroke.

Swim 25 yards backstroke with well coordinated stroke.

Kneeling dive


Advanced Breather

Swim confident crawl stroke, deep water, extended distances with high elbow.

Swim confident  backstroke with shoulder roll.

Elementary backstroke

Breaststroke kick

10 minutes of continuous swimming

Standing dive, if ready off diving board



Refined Crawl

Refined Backstroke

Elementary Backstroke



20 minute continuous swimming


Front dive off diving board, adding spring if ready


Advanced Techniques

Advanced Stroke Mechanics:  Crawl, Backstroke, Breaststroke

Review:  Elementary Backstroke, sidestroke


Rotary kick

If  class is ready, flip turns